About Us

Bulkchoice boasts a rich history in the Wholesale & Distribution arena. With many years servicing corporate and individuals, we have entrenched ourselves as serious playmakers in this fast growing, cut throat Wholesale And Distribution industry. A client base that is progressively growing and a policy centered around customer service has both consolidated our market position and enhanced our reputation. Our motto of quick turnaround time and unparallel prices structures has given us that leverage to leap forward.

Our business allows for flexibility and continuous improvement which gears us to transverse the highly competitive Wholesale & Distribution terrain. We proud to be 100% BEE and hope to continue to service fellow South Africans and the world over many years to come.


To create a household name in the competitive Wholesale & Distribution arena.

Think Wholesale & Distribution..... Think Bulkchoice!!!


To deliver excellence in short time frames and at unbeatable prices.


  • Customer Happiness
  • Uphold High Quality Standard
  • Cutting Edge Wholesale & Distribution
  • Competitive Edge
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Assist Manufacturers & Suppliers To Generate Sales


We strive to ensure each requirement of our customer is met both effectively and efficiently. We pride ourselves on delivering optimal goods at super prices helping us to hold an edge in the aggressive Wholesale & Distribution game. An expert team...



Mofaya Energy Drink (First Mofaya Depot In South Africa)

Switch Energy Drink

Soja Energy Drink

Superman Energy Drink

Sippy Soda

Pure Harvest Maize Meal

Zippy Matches

Real Milk Chocolate

HQ Sauces

Froogle Fruity Chews

Malas The Mocktail Collection

Magma Microwave Pop Corn

Come on challenge us -together let's make you a profitable enterprise.